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I started cooking at an early age, learning from my Mom, who not only knew how to cook, but really seemed to enjoy cooking. I remember asking her one time how she became such a great cook and she replied, ” Michael, I feed 1000 pounds of men,( the cumulative weight of my Dad, my three brothers and me), three times a day, seven days a week and practice will make you good at anything”. My Mom passed away several years ago and enjoyed feeding all of us as long as she could.

Today I enjoy cooking and although I never cooked in any of the restaurants we used to own, I do my fair share in the kitchen. I love to entertain and for many years now have donated numerous dinners to charities that auction the dinners at fund raising events. It allows me to do what I like to do, cook, helps raise money for the many great causes that need help and has helped me meet hundreds of interesting people.

My Cookbook is a compilation of 160 recipes, some of them mine, some my Mom's and some that came from friends that can really cook. Enjoy

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