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By way of introduction, I must tell you that I have been a very fortunate person – I have great parents, an absolutely unbelievable wife and two kids that make me proud every day.

Growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I had an opportunity to play sports and developed a passion for fly fishing. Fishing led me to my first job at Cleves Sporting Goods, which put me in the employ of my long time friend and business mentor, Eric Bezanson. Football helped me develop life and leadership skills.

I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, played football, studied business, and was elected Consul, President, of Gamma Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity. With the exception of a few short years after graduation, I have been self-employed for my entire adult life.

The decision to start my first business in the early 1980’s has led me in many directions -some successful, some very successful and some not so much. At one point in time over the past thirty years I have had ownership in sporting goods stores, gas stations, a Real Estate company, a travel business, a photographic gallery, several fishing lodges, two restaurants, two pizza franchises, a muffler shop, and a fishing tackle store. I have an unending desire to succeed and help others through my knowledge and experience, which led me to a successful career in Real Estate and also into the often-misunderstood field of home based businesses.

In my spare time, I have continued my pursuit of the Atlantic Salmon at a fevered pace, achieved a 2nd Degree Black Belt in karate, written a book and set a new fundraising record for Easter Seals in Nova Scotia, rappelling off a 23-storey building. Most of all, I have been fortunate to meet and develop friendships with hundreds of people from all walks of life.

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- Mike

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