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Time – The Most Valuable Commodity

As I started to prepare for the upcoming salmon season, it struck me, and not to be morbid, that I had fished more seasons than I had left to fish. Last year marked 40 years since I caught my first salmon. This year will mark 25 years since I caught the Big Fish on the Restigouche and 39 years that I have packed the car and headed to Newfoundland. Heck there were wild horses still roaming the dirt roads on the Northern Peninsula when I first went there. They have long since disappeared.

My point is that time goes by in a heartbeat and it is up to each one of us how we use this most valuable resource. I had opportunity to speak to a group of business people recently and my topic was that of attitude and how important it was to our success or failure in whatever we do. As I began, I asked the audience to write down the number 960 and asked someone to remind me that I had given them that number before I finished. I’m pretty sure that the talk went well and that I provided some meaningful information. At the end, I sat down and was quickly asked by someone why I had asked them to write down the number 960. I responded by saying that the average, and I’m hoping for better than average, lifespan is about 80 years or 960 months. That’s it, the entire program, start to finish. With that in mind, I think it’s important that each of us ring out of every day whatever we can, play the game full out  and don’t leave anything on the table. Decide what you want from this month and go for it. The month is going by no matter what we decide to do, so take a few minutes and write down all the things you want to accomplish this month and then attack the list. Have a great day.


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