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As a child, I remember working for my Dad, Maurice Crosby, in his darkroom. That was 50 years ago now and I can still remember the pungent smell of the chemicals. I also recall watching a blank piece of paper come to life, as it was sloshed around in the smelly water. From there, the photos were hand fed through a big drying machine and came out the other end, ready for the gallery wall. How times and technology have changed. 

Dad passed away at the age of 91 and he will be fondly remembered, through the thousands of photographs he took and sold. His work, hangs in countless homes and many boardrooms around the world. 

I missed out on the photographic gene and it went directly to my daughter, Heather. As a very little girl, Heather started to take pictures of everything, all of the time and has morphed that childhood obsession into a very successful career as a wedding, family and portrait photographer. Her work is showcased on her website, www.thisisphotography.ca. Take a look, it’s worth the visit.

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