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Mike's Cookbook

Years ago, I got the idea to put a cookbook together because of my wife Ann. After the passing of her Mom, Mary Paule, Ann took all of her Mom's recipes and entered them into a Cookbook program. When she was done, she had the recipes printed and bound and gave all of her brothers a copy as a Christmas gift. It was really cool, so I thought that I would take my recipes and do the same thing. There was however a very large obstacle in the fact that Ann typed, and I didn’t. It was a slow process and as I pecked away at the recipes, I realized that most had come from other people, so I started to tell little stories of where and when I met the person. I then got the idea to reach out to some of my friends that were really good cooks and ask for some of their favorite recipes. I have now revised the book for a second time, made the pages smaller, and added an index.

The criteria for them to send me a recipe is that it had to be simple and it had to be one of their favorites, had to have been served many times, and gotten great reviews. I never intended to sell the book and at first, just gave away copies to the people who had submitted recipes. I then started getting calls asking if I was the guy with the Cookbook. Someone had been to a friends house for dinner, asked about a particular recipe, and the host produced a copy of Mikes Cookbook. The calls became more frequent and got to the point where I decided that I better get some professionally printed and have a supply on hand.

Since I printed the original Cookbook, I have collected dozens of new recipes and last fall, produced the 4th edition. If you have a favorite that you would like to share, please make sure to get in touch.

My Cookbook is a compilation of 160 recipes, some of them mine, some my Mom's and some that came from friends that can really cook. Enjoy!

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